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    Adventure Time


    Adventure Time (originally titled 'Adventure Time with Finn & Jake') follows two best friends: Finn (a 12-year old boy) and Jake (a wise 28-year-old dog with magical powers), and the surreal adventures undertaken by the duo as they traverse the mystical Land of Ooo. A world built for adventure, Ooo is filled to the brim with various landscapes for the two buddies to explore and bizarre characters to assist.

    • Network: Cartoon Network
    • Premiered: 2010
    • Runtime: 11
    • Episodes: 199
    • Status: returning series

Latest Adventure Time Episodes

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    7x29 |Beyond the Grotto

    April 10, 2016, 1:00 am

    Finn and Jake go into the pond by their house to rescue a sea lard, and discovered a secret grotto that the water nymphs hang out.

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    7x28 |Don't Look

    April 3, 2016, 1:00 am

    Finn gets magic eye gems stuck on his eyes, turning anyone he looks at into whatever he thinks of them.

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    7x27 |Broke His Crown

    March 27, 2016, 12:00 am

    When Ice King's magic crown goes haywire, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum resort to extreme measures to help him.

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    7x26 |The Thin Yellow Line

    March 20, 2016, 12:30 am

    Finn and Jake infiltrate the Banana Guard ranks and stumble upon a conspiracy.

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    7x25 |Flute Spell

    March 13, 2016, 1:30 am

    Finn has secret meetings with a powerful wizard.